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Come Play with Me!

Where does your mind go as you look at that thin string hang from the tip of my cock to the puddle on my stomach? Do you lick your lips and wish you could suck it all up? Would your pussy get wet if I told you this is a result from thinking of you and what I want to do to you? Are you wondering how I stroked my cock to pleasure myself, for this release from thinking of you? Do you wish you could have seen how I erupted? Would you have enjoyed hearing my sound effects as I gripped my cock hard, slowly stroking as I erupted, watching my hand shudder as I stroked through my eruption. Do you wonder, what I thought about as I stroked my cock fast and furious to bring me to the brink? What else runs through your mind as you look at the aftermath of what thinking about you makes me do?

chunni and mr. bong scott - highbrowerotica

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